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If you reach this page you are probably working on promoting a Scumfrog show. Everything you need and might want to use is right here on this page. Please note that the four steps in section A are very important, as those are a part of the contract. Inclusion of the information from sections B, C and D is optional, but if you are using photos, links and/or biography content, please stick to the material provided in the sections below. Thank you for helping to spread the word!

Section A: mandatory inclusions

1) Billing name: The Scumfrog. (NOT Scumfrog, DJ Scumfrog or Scum Frog)
2) Billing Size: Headlining Capacity or Co-Headlining Capacity
3) The Scumfrog logo
4) The Scumfrog main URL: www.thescumfrog.com

Section B: Photos & Logo

Choose from current Scumfrog artwork: Click here to download Zip file of recent images

Section C: Links for online promotion

Website/Bio: http://www.thescumfrog.com
Most recent DJ set: https://soundcloud.com/sunset-grooves/sunset-grooves-podcast-154-the-scumfrog

Most current big release: Antarctica https://musicmaven.io/thescumfrog/latest/video-new-single-antarctica-with-extended-video-footage-g8ySdAfRo06zjQvmaSFhLQ
Most popular DJ set: https://soundcloud.com/robot-heart/scumfrog-robot-heart-burning-man-2016
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScumfrogArtist
Instagram @thescumfrog

Section D: Bio

Short and current bio:
The Dutch/American artist The Scumfrog has been a household name in the underground Dance Music scene since 2000. His brand is known for many traits; music production, musicianship, DJing, featured vocalist, music coach, radio host, and remixing.

From his timeless early works like Watersong and We Love You, to dubbed-out remixes of songs by mainstream artists like Kylie Minogue, Annie Lennox, Missy Elliott, to collaborations with David Bowie, Sting, and Cyndi Lauper (resulting in a Grammy nomination), he has been featured on virtually every prominent independent Dance label, from Bedrock to 1605, from Positiva to Knee Deep In Sound.

With his roots firmly planted in the experimental side of Dance Music and Electronica, The Scumfrog toured the world many times over with his unique DJ sets. He is also a staple at the Burning Man festival, where he performs his annual sunrise and sunset rituals to his devoted followers. The Scumfrog hosts club nights called M.B.T.S. (Most Below The Surface) where he usually plays the entire night, and he is in production with a new project featuring live drummers

Extensive Scumfrog bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scumfrog